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ROWAN CORKILL is a Scottish artist based in Hastings. He has exhibited nationally and internationally with shows in Europe, North & South America and Canada. The artist’s practice is focused around mankind’s historic relationship with nature and the exploration of different cultures and civilisations, of which many have deep relationships and connections with the natural world. Rowans works possess a sense of power as well as fragility, a duality which echoes that which exists within nature. The artists practice pays particular attention to humankind's current relationship with the natural world, with an emphasis on the need to change our destructive tendencies towards the planet.     


Corkill says, "Abscission is the process by which plants shed leaves each fall, removing the old before a regrowth of the new in spring. This act of rejuvenation is akin to resurrection or ablution, ridding oneself of sins and wrongdoings as an attempt to become a better person or worshipper. As a process, the human species could learn from abscission, to shed our wrongdoings and ignorance and re-grow a new and better understanding and appreciation for nature."

For millions of year’s plant life has provided mankind with shelter, food and oxygen to breath. Plants have been used as vital ingredients in medicines which save millions of lives and create billions of dollars each year, yet we continually fail to provide a sustainable environment for plant life. The knowledge of plants healing properties have been passed down from indigenous cultures and lost civilizations across the globe. These people worshiped the natural world around them and lived in harmony with it, they understood the power and importance of plant life and even created gods from their presence. Unlike these civilisations, the western world has failed to truly appreciate the importance and power of plants with most people being completely ignorant to their importance in our everyday lives. We happily consume and destroy plant matter without caring for their future sustainability and the effect that this will have on the natural world.





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