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KATY OXBORROW was born in Seaford, East Sussex. Her paintings honour the natural world, rendering its quiet presence around us. Katy’s art is a conduit for nature to speak for itself through her work, helping to bring it to our hearts and spirits through our eyes. At this moment it is a political act, a spiritual one, as well as an aesthetic one.


In Greek mythology Mimas was one of the Giants, the offspring of Gaia; Mother Earth Goddess. This painting was inspired by a giant Sequoia Redwood named Mimas in the book ‘The Overstory’ by Richard Powers. The tree was so immense that environmentalists lived high up in its boughs, whilst bulldozers relentlessly flattened the forest beneath.

Reiterated trunks grow out of Mimas’s main line, shooting up parallel like the fingers of Buddha’s upraised hand....” Excerpt from ‘The Overstory'



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