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NICHOLAS PACE recently exhibited at Jerwood Gallery Hastings in ‘To Be Continued’. He regularly shows at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. His solo exhibitions include The Natural History Museum, London; The Yard Gallery, Nottingham Castle and the National Wildlife Museum, Wyoming USA. He has been a finalist in the Jerwood Drawing exhibition and was winner of the South of England Art Prize in the National Open Art Competition.

Coral Sea Aquarium & Extinction Key Drawing

Akin to a faux future museological display, ‘Coral Sea Aquarium’ is a diptych; a large oil painting rendered in a precise historical style is presented in tandem with a key drawing. This drawing is pivotal to the understanding of the work, within this drawing are 19 euphemisms for extinction. Our relationship with the natural world as well as Western cultural preoccupations with collecting, categorisation and display are central concerns that form the basis of much of Pace’s work.

“Around 65 million years ago the dinosaurs and three quarters of all species suddenly perished…today species are disappearing at a rate that is set to surpass that great extinction.” John Gray, Straw Dogs

Nicholas Pace is currently exhibiting with Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London in “25 Years”, and is included in the forthcoming inaugural Hastings Museum Open Exhibition. He lives in St Leonard’s and lectures part-time in art history for the National Gallery’s Learning Department.




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