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Gallit Shaltiel_Strange Anatomies




GALLIT SHALTIEL adapts her ideas to a whole range of media and approaches from individual practice to interactive community projects and collaborations. She travelled and worked in many places before arriving in Sussex in 2009 to do an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton. She now teaches Visual arts at a Brighton 6th form college part-time, leaving space for studio practice.

Her work aims to tap into the transformative power of creativity. Inspiration, therefore, comes from many sources: at times the inner world, delving into subconscious state of mind and other times from cultural references, museum artefacts or anatomical diagrams.


Work displayed in Eastbourne is part of a series called ‘Strange Anatomies’ which refers to the unfamiliar and fascinating feeling of growth and development experienced by being pregnant in her early 40’s.


Gallit says, ‘I like using the mixture of real body diagrams with imagined science and playing visually with how the psyche would view the inside of the body'


Silhouette is a consistent motif in the work and her leaning towards this came out of photography: literally ‘drawing with light’. Her work has evolved into ‘drawing with shadow’. She says, ‘I use paper cutting, which is magically transformed through using the light box to illuminate shape possibilities’. These are photographed and later digitalised. Lotte Reiniger’s animations of the 20’s inspired the initial light box and papercut experiments.



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