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JENNIFER BINNIE's work  as a painter, extends out of the canvas on to a range of surfaces. Since the late 1980’s, Jennifer has been living and working in rural East Sussex. Recent exhibitions include collaboration with artists including the Neo-naturists  and her sister, Christine.


Jennifer’s current work is based in her Hastings studio and draws on memories inspired by personal photographs  and her ongoing interest in nature and animals, life’s cycles, the real world and other worlds.


The 3 Snake Leaves and A Little Hut in The Woods combines two paintings, ‘The 3 Snake Leaves’ oil and chalk on board and ‘A Little Hut in The Woods’, oil on board.  The main image, ‘The 3 Snake Leaves', is inspired by a Grimms  Fairytale of the same name. Part of the tale explains how the dead princess is brought back to life by the placing of 3 leaves on her eyes and mouth. Jennifer says, "My interpretation of the tale is that nature is able to heal us if we have the right knowledge. I see the Grimm’s tales as tools for learning which is why I made the painting on a blackboard and used chalk as part of it. ‘The Little Hut in The Woods’ is used as a background for ‘The 3 Snake Leaves’ but you only see the 2 side sections of the painting. In the middle is an image of a girl walking past 2 sinister caravans! See the full painting on my website."

In September 2020, Jennifer will be curating ‘Art, Life and us’ at Towner Art Galllery in Eastbourne  with Christine Binnie.




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