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GUYAN PORTER is an artist working in sculpture, painting and installation. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1971, he set up his first studio in Glasgow in 1994, organising, exhibiting in and curating artist led projects and multi media arts events. Now based in Sussex, England and Normandie, France, his work has been shown in Turkey, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sri Lanka, Italy, Russia, France and Belgium.

His practice incorporates traditional processes with architectural intervention, political dialogue and events combining performance, sound and visual art. His work fuses recurring motifs and aesthetics, exploring how perceptions of the material world manifest in the images, structures and actions that we create. Mixing artforms with processes of political engagement, his work connects with methodologies of conceptual and installation art.


Guyan's installations have created immersive environments, exploring ways that concepts and belief systems can be instilled in us, affecting our most basic understanding of reality. His work has won prestigious awards and has been commissioned internationally by high profile organisations. Showing work in non arts spaces he has also worked with major institutions throughout the world such as Tate Modern, The Hunterian Museum and The Royal Academy of the Arts. 



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