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ISOBEL SMITH lives and works in Glynde, East Sussex. She completed her MA in Sculpture / Performance at the Royal College of Art in 2017. Her practice crosses performance, sculpture and moving image, inhabiting a flickering state between rational and non-rational realities, to create powerful mash-ups, hybrid half-truths, not-quite-lies. Isobel's work is in the Saatchi Collection and was exhibited in ‘Known Unknowns’ at the Saatchi Gallery throughout 2018. She has performed at the Tate Modern in response to the Joan Jonas exhibition and at Performance Festivals in the UK and abroad. Isobel is also an experienced mentor and tutor.

Calling All Witches (video still) is an image taken from a performance made live to camera. Isobel says, "In this performance ritual I stuff tights with hay, place them on my head and attempt to merge myself with the materials to become a hybrid creature - witch, monster, Goddess, queen. A direct and ridiculous action to make un-sense of my rational thinking head and allow a wilder, stranger, more instinctual and powerful feminine creature to come forward. Looking out of its eyes I can only imagine the awesome, magnificent and beautiful thing I have become."




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