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During lock-down, and since, Nick has been swimming everyday in different locations along the coast near St Leonards with an underwater camera. These solitary excursions provide a sense of freedom and space away from the confines of the home. He feels somehow safe and protected from the invisible virus and appreciates the resilience of nature and its restorative powers. The lull in human activity rendered the sky and water pure and unpolluted and, in turn, allowed wildlife to have a wonderful resurgence. In the sea. At this time, Nick says, "You were more likely to come across seals and porpoises swimming closer than ever to the shore. There was a sense that nature was fighting back and flourishing, and that the natural cycles of life were given a boost."

CAMBER (Photograph from underwater camera from swims around Camber and Fairlight Cliffs off Hastings) 

This image was shot on slide film as part of Nick's singular, obsessive exploration of the swimmer’s perspective, looking back at the land and focusing on the interaction between the land, sky and sea. Nick says, "My intention is to make the viewer feel immersed in the land/seascape and nature and to receive that same sense of renewal I experienced."  Nick goes on to translate these experiences into a series of paintings, each connected to a specific location along the Sussex coast.



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