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Vicki Painting_Half Light 10



VICKI PAINTING lives in Seaford and is a second year PhD researcher at The University of Brighton. Her practice based photographic work investigates how those living through the so called fourth age may be represented other than as narrative of decline. Using a single case study the research also examines the complexities inherent within the researcher/participant relationship and how these may be negotiated where the boundaries of the roles become nebulous.


Vicki says, "Half-Light (10) is one of a series from a project that began as a story about my father's dementia and in particular, a commentary on his 'sundowning' behaviour where he would become overwhelmingly agitated at dusk and driven by a desire to leave his home would simply walk. The act of walking became a form of self-medication. Since his death I have mirrored this process, revisiting the paths he and I walked together and in addition have sought out new landscapes to examine and reframe the past. Within these spaces I am drawn to representations of the body and to seemingly incongruous domestic details on the ground like the textiles which are so reminiscent of home. The work has moved on to examine the nature of loss as an overwhelming visceral experience felt at a cellular level and poses the question, what is the half-life of grief?



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